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Meditation is a process where one can silence conscious thought, quieting the physical realm, and making a doorway to spiritual awareness. When one becomes aware of their spiritual self, the biggest mysteries unfold.  Our inner self can teach us to cope, to reason, and understand our path and the choices which affect our path.  

Have you ever had a dream that did not make sense, but then over a course of time pieces of that dream occurred in reality less dramatically? Have you ever made a wrong turn when driving on autopilot to find yourself being drawn to another familiar location by mistake, and later discovered you avoided an accident?   Have you ever had a bad feeling about a person, and later discovered your feelings were right? These are premonitions.  

We all have guides around us, constantly advising our spiritual self. Unfortunately, many of us fail to receive and apply that guidance on a conscious level.   What if you can?   

The light drowsy stage of sleep between conscious and unconscious can be discovered upon waking up, falling asleep, and in deep meditation. Spirit communication becomes possible on this level.

According to most religious texts, spirit beings or angels communicated with humankind on several occasions during this dreamlike or meditative state. ​Communication with God is done with a form of meditation we call prayer. 

Some are more spiritually aware and are able to tap into this spiritual depth on a conscious level. We call them psychic,  psychic mediums, shaman, spirit talkers, spiritual consultants, or spiritual advisers. This power is within us all to find the answers and inner knowledge which is handed to us from the spirit world and our creator.    

When you look down you see your body, but when you look in a mirror you see yourself.  At the moment you realize your inner self, the spirit, is actually you, and the body is something that belongs to you and you use for pleasure and experience, things will begin to make sense, be appreciated, and develop new meaning in your life.

The spirit is an intelligent energy force, and it glows with radiant colors. Upon death, a person loses about  21 grams or 0.74075 oz of weight.  This weight loss baffles science, but can be attributed to the weight of the soul.  If you stare at a person, just focusing on one point on their face or body, without changing your point of focus, you will start to see a halo glowing around their body. Colors will start to become visible.  This amazing phenomenon is called an aura.  

The process of discovering your spiritual identity and existence is called spiritual awakening. Meditate, focus, and pray as you journey through this process of discovery. 

Now we have to question our use of the word "consciousness."  What is consciousness? Does consciousness even need a brain to exist?  This is another mystery, and another subject we should be aware of when guiding ourselves through meditation and our discovery.

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